Special Guests from Women's Team Canada & Team Ontario!!
June 21, 2019


The U8 Girls welcomed some special guests to their practice early in the season.   


Former Team Canada player and world record backwards marathon runner Kat Clewley and former Team Ontario player Shanika Thomas met with the girls to work on some goalie drills and other games.  The girls had a lot of fun!  


Thank you to Kat and Shanika!



Community Announcement in the Grimsby Lincoln News:


The girls of the Grimsby Griffins U8 soccer team got some high-level skills training earlier in May when they had a chance to practise with former players from Team Ontario and Team Canada.


On Wednesday, May 22, the team was visited by Kat Clewley, who was born in Grimsby and made it all the way to Team Canada goalie.  She also holds world records for backwards marathon running.  


Also practising with the team was Shanika Thomas, a former Team Ontario player who played in midfield and won a scholarship to play soccer in Alabama.  

Clewley and Thomas led the girls through some fun drills and games.  And because all the girls on the team will be taking turns to play goalie this season, the training was very valuable.


The opportunity was arranged by team coach Colin Brown, who wanted to inspire the girls through having positive female role models to look up to.  




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