Fueling Healthy Bodies

Fueling Healthy Bodies

Children are exposed to unhealthy foods in many different ways; therefore it is important to support healthy eating wherever possible. The goal of Fuelling Healthy Bodies is to encourage healthy snack choices in community sports. One component of this is working with sports leagues to promote healthy eating. That’s where you come in! Community sports leagues already promote physical activity, as a sports league representative you have the opportunity to model healthy behaviour.

It is vital to offer healthy food choices to provide players with the fuel they need to play their best. This includes offering healthy game time snacks and staying hydrated during play to prevent dehydration.  

What You Can Do

Develop a healthy eating policy:

Developing and adopting a team or league-wide healthy eating policy ensures players are offered healthy team snacks at practices and games. A healthy eating policy shows commitment to health and ensures consistency in snacks offered to players.

Fuelling Healthy Bodies Resources:

You can take the following steps to develop your healthy eating policy:

  1. Download and complete the Team Healthy Eating Policy Template 
  2. Download and complete the Parent/Guardian Letter Template
  3. Order copies of the Fueling Healthy Bodies One Page Resource
  4. Share the completed healthy eating policy, parent/guardian letter and Fuelling Healthy Bodies resource with your team members and their parents/guardians.
  5. Encourage your association or league to adopt a healthy eating policy.

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